Woman of the High Plains (Nettie Featherston), Texas Panhandle

Texas Panhandle, June 1938

Dorothea Lange

Film negative

Gift of Paul S. Taylor

5 in x 4 in


© The Dorothea Lange Collection, the Oakland Museum of California.

“We've had no work since March. The worst thing we did was when we sold the car, but we had to sell it to eat, and now we can't get away from here. . . . This county's a hard county. They won't help bury you here. If you die, you're dead, that's all.” — Nettie Featherston to Dorothea Lange
Alternate Title and/or Date
During her lifetime Lange’s photographs appeared in a variety of exhibitions and publications, sometimes years after they were taken. This often resulted in multiple titles for the same image.
Woman of the High Plains, Texas Panhandle; Dust Bowl Texas, American Exodus, A.C. Woman